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"I just wanted to drop you a note to express how much everyone enjoyed the Original Rhondels at the West Neck party Saturday Night. The band was a huge hit with everyone and really made the party a great success. Please express to the other members of the band how wonderful everyone thought the music was and a big thank you to all of you for making the evening a memorable event for everyone....Donna Overholt


"Thank you so much! We had a wonderful afternoon. We raised $$$$ for a great cause and with your help had a great time doing it. We so appreciate your involvement in this endeavor. Please thank the band members for their participation. Hopefully, we can do this again sometime (after I recover my sanity). The American Cancer Society and our Relay for Life team (City of Poquoson Fishing for a Cure) thank you so much for your time and talent"........Ed and Sherry Harper

"Great time at the Virginia Beach shag Club Christmas party last night at the Holiday Inn with the Original Rhondels playing"........Debbie Sapp Hughes

"Great weather and a performance by one of the hottest beach bands ever are being credited for the large turnout at this weekend’s Indian Summer Festival. An estimated 3,000 people jammed into Hertford Friday evening, the first day of the 31st annual festival.... This is one of the most fantastic things we have for a town our size,” Easterwood said Saturday. “I’ll bet we had 3,000 people here Friday night, probably more at various times. They were literally dancing in the streets.” He credits the larger-than-average crowd on Friday to the performance by beach band The Original Rhondels." .....Daily Advance (newspaper)

"You guys were just AWESOME !!!! I live near Urbanna and drove down there just to hear you guys. I was by myself and just sat there tapping my feet to the beat. I especially love the beach music part. I was hoping to hear "Miss Grace". That is one of my favorite songs. Not sure who recorded it but I love it anyway. Again , Thanks for a great evening of GREAT music and show. I had to drive through 4 big rain storms coming home. You guys rock. Thanks"..... John Forrer

"Every one enjoyed your great music and had a great time--Social event of the summer!"....... Papa Joe

"Just wanted you guys to know that even though we almost melted Friday nite in Kilmarnock, your music was as great as ever. Wish we could get to hear more of your music and see yall play more often." ...... Marie & Ned Goode

The Original Rhondels sounded great. They were tight, harmonies were crisp and the 4 piece horn section was solid as a rock. Sonny was great on drums (but, of course!) and they had the alumni up and dancing in no time. Nice casual beach attire (white pants, solid bright shirts) which was perfect for outside under the tent. They could not have been easier or more pleasant with which to work. Did a solid 90-minute set, mixing classic beach with timeless Motown, old school funk, a little disco and more.....Kris Kaminski, Senior Agent, East Coast Entertainment.

It was really great seeing & hearing you again on New Years Eve (still trying to recover)! The selection of songs and professional delivery was so good that even Nancy & i tried to dance a little. We couldn't remember ever seeing 10 talented musicians on your stage at one time. "AWESOME". We want to wish all of you a happy and joyous new year.......Don and Nancy

Just wanted to let you know what a great time all of your friends from smithfield and bacons castle had new years eve. You and all of the band memebers really do a great job every time we hear you. Hope you And the band have a great new year. thanks. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON....Bobby and Linda

I had the pleasure to catch your show at the American Music Festival this past weekend. Having grown up listening to the band, it was a real treat to hear you sound just like you did before. The horn section is spectacular. I only wish you had played your biggest hits, "May I, I've Been Hurt, etc." in their entirety as an encore rather than a song by another artist. The snippets included in the medley only served as teasers. Once again, what a lovely surprise to hear ya'll sound so darn good!!....anonymous

We just can't thank you enough for the great time we had at the Bash. You guys went above and beyond to show us all a great time. You played your hearts out, and young and old were dancing up a storm!!......Debbie & Bobby Scott

Thank you for setting off your 'fireworks' at our little park. You had us all rocking. With ALL the energy that you put into your show, I could not believe you had another gig for that evening. You all have fantastic voices and the brass section, is just too much! ...Judy & Manny Perry

Thanks for all you did to make this cruise a wonderful experience. Best cruise Linda and I have been on......Dave & Linda Shoop

"The Original Rhondels' performance at the Neptune Festival was AWESOME!! You all always do a great job but that show just had something extra. The Original Rhondels had, by far, the best show of the summer. What a great way to wrap it up".....Rick, Debbie, Taylor and Anne

"We thank you for the part you played in making our event so successful. We loved your music and the energy you brought to the stage.".....Carilion Medical Center

"Just to let you know that Connie and I enjoyed your show last night in Emporia. It's always good to see and hear your band. Being originally from Norfolk, I've always been a fan of William Deal and his band. Now that he's gone, you guys do a superb job carrying on his legacy.".......Ron Major

"We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the show. We were glad to see that Delbert "closed" for the Rhondels!! The Originial Rhondels should never be an opening act for anyone!"...... Bill and Karen Trimyer

"Just wanted to let you know that you all are the talk of the town around here! We have had so many people, young and old, tell us what a great show you guys did at our Relay Dance. Please let the band know how much we appreciate the excellence of their performance and their interaction with the audience. Everyone was extremely impressed and are looking forward to next year. It was the best party that anyone had seen in this area in a long time. " ........... Relay for Life